Thumbnail designs for Youtube

  • Date: 25 enero, 2021
  • Categories: Graphic Design
Thumbnail designs for Youtube

Short Briefing:

I have had several clients interested in improving their CTR on their YouTube videos. It is important to remember that YouTube is more than a video repository, it is the second most used search on the internet.


A good thumbnail design can increase the CTR of your videos, you can change the thumbnails of your videos as many times as you consider necessary. In such a way that your channel can increase the views of the videos with a better thumbnail strategy.


The results of the first week with a test budget was:

  • Increase impressions
  • Increase CTR

If your video is good people will stay and your playing time will increase, on the other hand if your video is bad, you will get to increase your CTR but people will abandon your video.

* I have only shared the basics of information based on the client’s permission and confidentiality.