Social media manager of a politician

  • Date: 25 enero, 2020
  • Categories: Social Media Manager
Social media manager of a politician

Short Briefing:

The client needed to create their social media profiles mainly on Twitter and Facebook. In addition to creating content and scheduling it, they also needed to develop their digital communication strategy.

It was a job that lasted more than 4 years where the tasks corresponding to the role increased and other social networks such as YouTube and Instagram were added in the administration.


As the first professional hired in the digital team, I not only managed social networks, I also created the necessary work protocol to add workflows with designers, photographers, journalists, website writers and other professionals who provided their services.

Among the lists of tasks and responsibilities of my position were:

  • Manage the strategy and publication of content on Twitter, Instagram, blog, YouTube and Facebook Fanpage.
  • In charge of answering comments and private messages, writing down requests and responding to trolls.
  • Organize photo and video content to create content.
  • Develop content for important national dates working together with the designer.
  • Create the copywriting of tweets, designs and other digital content.
  • Develop a question and answer script to answer with the voice and tone of the politician.
  • Make reports of statistical data from social networks, comments received and responded to.
  • Follow up on content published by opposition politicians.


The politician ended up being the president of my country. That is why I ended up working in the government for 5 years for the work and confidence that I gain.

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* I have only shared the basics of information based on the client’s permission and confidentiality.