Site administration in WordPress

  • Date: 25 enero, 2020
  • Categories: Social Media Manager
Site administration in WordPress


One of the most popular CMS for blogs or websites is WordPress, that’s why many of my clients use it for their websites. Many do not have the time to manage and update content, update plugins, reply to comments, create new internal pages or other tasks in WordPress.

Each client has different objectives when it comes to managing their website. Some actively develop organic traffic strategies on their site, while others are more passive and only seek casual maintenance.

Different tasks:

The volume of traffic on the website greatly influences the development of tasks. Those clients with a small volume of traffic and no content, sales or SEO strategy. They use your site more like a web brochure, and all his focus is on his social networks.

But those clients with high volumes of visits are looking for a professional who only focuses on managing their website reliably. Their website is an important part of their digital strategy because they have marketing funnels, sales pages, capture pages, develop content with SEO, make offers, plans and some even have registered users.

One of the most important skills for both cases is to understand at least the basics stats of Google Analytics. Here I show some statistics of the websites that I manage.


When you analyze the statistics of your website you can learn a lot about your most popular pages, the reading time and the countries that visit you the most. This way you can better optimize your website.

For example, one of the sites that I operated had a large number of readers about the cost of franchises, so it was decided as a strategy of content to develop more articles focused on that topic, the result was that the number of visitors increased in the articles about that content.

Another example was in the first blog I operated. The analysis of the statistics showed that the most popular articles were about technology and the publications with video had a high rate of retained users. The content strategy was obvious, put more videos and specialize the blog in technology.

In e-commerce, the analysis of statistics is of the utmost importance to increase conversions. Although in this e-commerce platform I am more adept at using Shopify than Woocommerce, nevertheless analyzing the statistics uses the same principle.

* I have only shared the basics of information based on the client’s permission and confidentiality.