Editing videos adapted for Twitter and Instagram

  • Date: 15 noviembre, 2021
  • Categories: Video
Editing videos adapted for Twitter and Instagram

Short Briefing:

The client interviewed an economist and former deputy economy minister to discuss the country’s economy for 2022. The client shot several videos to edit and post on Twitter and Instagram mainly. A written version of the interview was also developed and posted on the website.


In the editing of the videos, the most important message was considered and based on them, several videos were created in different formats to adapt them to the one-minute reels of Instagram. The most important video was at least 2 minutes long and was posted on Twitter. A teaser was also designed for the Instagram stories.


In total, 4 reels were published on instagram, plus 2 stories. 3 videos and the article were published on twitter, taking advantage of the Twitter cards function.

Here are some of the videos:

* I have only shared the basics of information based on the client’s permission and confidentiality.